Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Red/New Landscape

Hmmm, red. When you look the word 'red' up, you find that there are many different meanings, many different associations with this particular colour. When you think 'red' you could think angry, e.g. red rag to a bull; you could think embarassed, 'red as a beetroot' (they are, of course, a very dark red). You might think 'stop!' as in a red light, or danger when the red flag flies. Red also connotes warmth, deep security and importance too, (lay out the red carpet). In short, red can be associated with a vast array of sensations, feelings, symbols and meanings. I've used red in my poem in different ways, ways which seemed to apply to my content. This is a highly symbolic poem; sometimes I do tend towards the cryptic even. Apologies if that is the case here. By the way, apparently, the phrase 'red-letter day' comes from the red symbol added to ancient calendars to denote a saints day.

New Landscape

Red tail of crayfish sidles in comfy
in that pregnant moon
which weighs down over me,
Lying pensive in deceptive calm,
Its crimson jaws will find its prey in me soon enough.
Or in my lover's red drum beat call, 'heart!',
eaten up swiftly, or slowly, or at least with certainty.

Blue is the rain which fed a parched land,
the one with unseen fences which now rise and fall, and rise
unclippered this time.
Former realised landscape latent now,
the red harvest of an open season bears rich fruit.

That tuesday was a red-letter day,
a close shave with closure for one separated soul.
Which now sidles in comfy in that warming, rounded, yellow sun,
which lifts me high.
Its steady arms will hold me long enough.


Norma said...

Red, blue, yellow; primary colors. And many images of color not named but familiar to us, but I confess I can't grasp the symbolism. Still, a lovely piece with some nice repetition.

My PT is up--not nearly so complex--just fun.

DewyKnickers said...

If I had to guess, your poem reminds me of a past lover, now gone.

I love how you took all the colors and worked them around the central red of the heart.



Crafty Green Poet said...

That's beautiful, it doesn't matter that I don't really understand the symbolism, it still works.

(I am participating this week, just Poetry Thursday doesn't so far want to publish my comment).

writerwoman said...

Love the last line. It feels like a warm hug to me.

gautami tripathy said...

Very vivid colours like coloursof life.

I enjoyed the poem in its entirity

desert rat said...

"sidles in comfy", what a great phrase! Hmm, I didn't quite puzzle out what this was symbolizing, but I really liked it anyhow.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I like the emotional waves and imagery of this poem. Well done that! JP

Remiman said...

I'm easily puzzled:-)
this piece read smoothly, the words flow and feel good rolling off my tongue...That's poetry!

Rethabile said...

This got me: "my lover's red drum beat call, 'heart!'"

Pauline said...

Oh, the many ways of red you've captured here!

brent goodman said...


This one is a pleasure to read aloud - beautfiul milk tongue throughout. Lush lines and language.


Emily said...

I liked the images in this...the unseen fences, red drum beat call...and so interesting about a red letter day. I had no idea!

Rav`N said...

a beautiful poem. a little too cryptic for me to grasp it's meaning, but then thats the perogative of a poet to be cryptic.

giggles said...

Isn’t amazing how complex the color red is. I found it so interesting that this prompt really spoke to me. Seems like it did you too….beautifully woven words of appreciation to the power of red! Well done. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Peace Giggles

Dennis said...

Nat: Very nice job. What got me about this piece were all of the transitions between what was and what now is. There's transitions in nearly every line. So much change. Great poem!

Beloved Dreamer said...

A lovely poem my friend. Your images for vivid and full of the many shades of red. I also spoke of a love gone now but another to be found. Well done.

I can show you how to do the permalink. It's easy.Stop by my blog and I'll teach you.



G said...

Gorgeous colors in this poem, Natalie. I can really feel them. I also really liked the evocative "red drum beat." Nice work.

Dennis said...


Send me an e-mail at and I'll send you instructions for making a permalink.


Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

"in that pregnant moon
which weighs down over me" I love those lines!

Mary said...

I love the crayfish image. The colors in the poem are so vivid.